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    The Educational Forum

    This sub-section of the forum is for discussion about the science behind the Distributed Folding project.

    While any user can submit a post to this section, no post will show up until it has been approved by a moderator.

    This area is primarily designed as a place for the moderators to move threads from other areas that could give valuable insights into the project and the science behind it. It is also available for them to post direct descriptions of such topics on their own.

    Most users shouldn't bother attempting to post in this area unless instructed to do so by a moderator.

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    I was just curious about the signficance of Distributed Folding participating in the CASP 5 competition. Could you explain the CASP 5 competition in "layman's terms?" Why is DF partcipating in this competiton and what does it mean for DF to be in it both currently and after the competition has concluded?

    Some possible arenas (but by no means limited to these) include any kind of recognition, monetary awards (like grants for instance), and even "stamps of approval' from the scientific community (i.e. recognizition of the validity and accuracy of the project).

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    I would recommend that you change the Hello message to recommend people set their thread viewer to "the beginning". See the thread "The Scientific "Why" behind DF -- Help" in Distributed Folding general forum for reasons why.

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