Installed chessbrain on my machine in my company last days, again after a few months of not "crunching" chessbrain.

I noticed a massive increase of nodes calculated by me.

AFAIK chessbrain uses mac addresses of network adapters to have an unique id of your computer. So my client is using a VPN network adapter with a "fixed" mac address, looks like the same which I could have had on my previous notebook in my company.

And I think that I'm not the only one who uses that kind of software which creates that mac address for a VPN network adapter. Propably I'm sharing calculated nodes with someone else?

That should explain why I have sometimes high numbers in last day and so on in chessbrain, and sometimes low numbers of nodes calculated.

Any suggestions how to sort that issue out? Any possibility to tell my chessbrain client to use the mac address of another network adapter installed on my machine? I have two at least (ehternet and w-lan)...