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Thread: Can't upload

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    Unhappy Can't upload

    Just signed up loaded the client and ran it for a while. When I pressed "q" to upload I got this error:

    "You seem to be experiencing network problems, or may be using an invalid handle.

    Please correct and try again.


    Could it be because I am behind a firewall? It pulled just fine when I set it up. Also when I start the client I get a no response from server error but it still continues to fold.

    Any ideas?

    System Specs:
    Dell 4300
    128MB Ram
    Running the text based client instead of the screen saver

    I have ran SETI, Folding @ Home and Genome @ home on this machine with no problems at all.

    I loaded the client on my home pc which is not behind a firewall and it is working perfectly.

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    Did you already go to the site and register a handle?

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    Yes I did.

    As I stated it is working on my home PC with no problem.

    I just can't get it to upload thru my firewall at work.
    I did it right the first time!!!

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    Please read the section in the readme on firewalls and proxy servers.
    Howard Feldman

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