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Thread: linux startup

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    linux startup

    Just installed SOB to Fedora, wondering how to start the durned thing up - what command to use. And, should I run from the command line?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Now you posted this in the factoring forum so I am not sure what you have installed ... still I am guessing it's the "normal" prp-client from the download section on the mainpage.

    Your start up a command line like xterm or you just enter an terminal by hitting CTRL+ALT+FN1-6.
    If you haven't done this already unpacking the file into whatever directory you want to have it in (I suggest you put it in a directory by itself).
    tar -xvzf sb240-Linux.tar.gz

    You the go edit the file slcient.conf (use your favorite editor ... nano, vim or something like that). Here you enter your username ... if you want to do secondpass thest you put QQQsecondpass on the end of your username.

    When you are done editing sclient.conf you start the client by typing:

    ./sb sclient.conf

    If you have any problems or I was wrong to assume that it was the normal prp-client you wanted to install the please post again.

    If you want the client to start automaticly at boot-up you can add the two following lines to /etc/conf.d/local.start
    cd /home/user/directory_of_sob # substitute with whereever you put the client
    ./sb sclient.conf &
    Don't forget the "&" or you will get into troubles with a computer that won't get past booting since it will wait for sb to finish wich won't happen.

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    Thank you very much! The './sb sclient.conf' was exactly what I was looking for!

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    If you like, you can copy the sclient.conf to the /etc directory and then just use


    Either way


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