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Thread: Help to providing n00b guide

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    Help to providing n00b guide

    Hi people!

    I'm not very good at factoring, but I've tried to write a guide to this nonetheless (I hear documentation is scarce).
    I have run into a problem, however: Please look at what I've done so far here (and hopefully you'll have something to add too..)

    I've succesfully created a worktodo.ini but prime95 won't read it! How come? Please help!
    EDIT: Now it suddenly will... Hmmm
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    Okay, forget the problem above. It seems prime95 just took a little time to wake up.

    Anyway, have I missed something (I must have done so) and can anyone here suggest improvements????


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    I love 67607
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    Nice job...

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    It would be nice to see an explanation of what cEm/s are. I've got a guess, but I'm not totally sure.

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    Really nice work OmbooHankvald

    I think you should maybe link to hc_grove's page where there is some a bit more in depth information on the bounds and some nice scripts that can be very useful.

    It would probably also be usefult to some to know that you submit results through or if the factors are bigger then 2^64 (I just always try with the first adress if it doesn't accept the factor there I go to largesieve). Also remind people to log in to get credit for their factors.
    A link to MikeH's sieving factoring scores would also be a good thing I guess.

    Jasong ... I don't think cems/s has all that much to do with factoring (not yet anyway), if you search some of the older threads on the main forum I think there are some pretty decent explanations there.

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    Thanks Frodo, I've tried to update to site with the tips you mentioned (I've also descibed a bit about factoring in my SoB guide - please proofread!).

    BTW both and say "k = one of the 11 left". Maybe one of the mods should change this?


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    Do you guys think the guide/FAQ/whatever is mature enough for me to ask the admins to maybe add it in the (great) reservation sticky? As a kind of "if you're new to this, a useful guide may be found here"-kind of thing?

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    did you think about putting the information to the wiki? I think this would be the right place for such a thing. If you care for the credits, I am sure there is a possibility. Thank you for your help, anyway, Yours H.

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    Oh yeah, the wiki. I keep forgetting about it. Well, I'm not sure where to put it, but if any of you are, then go ahead. And regarding the credits... well... a small link to my guide page would keep me happy. Just so people know that I didn't rip it off the wiki

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    Did you check the reservation thread???

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    WOW! My first stickything ever!!!

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