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    Fresh news not posted yet by Blue Yonder, Telewests broadband arm, is there are some upgrades coming for free to all you UK folks lucky enough to be in one of their areas.

    I have had a connect with them, running mostly trouble free, since it was started some years ago and also had a fibrelink installed from my last job so I have the luxury even now of capless broadband which can reach 100Mbit if I want or could afford it.
    My normal consumer service though is presently capped at 4Mb plus some headroom of around 800k with an upstream of 384k with some headroom taking it up to around 500k and that`s pretty decent considering the low number of people on each local router lan segment in comparison to Adsl on the phone.
    This is now going up to 10Mb but keeping the same upstream of around 500k and the price is coming down by one third.
    My commercial connect unfortunately has to stay at 4Mb of 10Mb currently available in my price range as it is no longer paid for by work and I really shouldn`t be continuing to use it though TW have been nice in allowing me to keep it.

    And best of all, I have no bandwidth caps and very few restrictions on use excepting not being able to run a webserver on port 80.

    Seems a lot of activity in the UK broadband market recently with t`other cable company, NTLhell, announcing a 10Mb upgrade and several phone company ISPs offering up to 8Mb but only if you`re on a good line and within a couple of clicks of an enabled exchange.

    Personally, not only because I`ve worked closely with TW and have been through the network engineer bit, I have received excellent service, apart from a few spats with frontline service who should have known better and suffered from it later , from TW and I know of a lot of other people who have also. I also know of a lot of people who have dealt with NTL and suffered from it as well as, recently, some of the rapidly expanding Telco people such as Bulldog.

    None of this should be taken as a commercial for TW or anybody else as I am not connected to them in any way nor have I ever worked for them. Just my happiness with one part of DC that rarely gives me any problems at all.

    So....what you`all using and what`s your experiences?
    Like an ol` 8086, slow but serviceable.
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    you lucky person, here i am stuck in the middle of nowhere, well west fife, my as well be, no cable out here so thus on BT to deal with and well Wanadoo, I get good enough service but it's getting real tempting to provider jump other than I really like the webspace I have, it's a subdomain so a large range of e-mail addresses are possible, i've not got a cap even although 512K kinda sucks sometimes, well that and the PC is needing a fix or 5, but hmm Im still making the list of programs I need to reinstall once I re do it.. Oh and as for upgrading it will cost me cash and well I get smacked with a limit, but that's between, me, you, the fence post, wanadoo and BT oh and the rest of the world.
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