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Thread: Hurry up already..

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    Hurry up already..

    Anyone else looking forward to this project ?

    If it does what it promises that is.....


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    Yeah, I am. I've always had an interest in space, but SETI never caught my imagination since I just don't think we'll ever find LGMs.

    Plus I'll get in at the start which will be nice since every other DC project I've ever run had already well started by the time I joined it.

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    This is one project that I am REALLY looking forward to.
    If they manage to get it going well in the public testing, it will be interesting to see what they manage to do.
    No aliens yet with seti, but planets are a lot easier to find (hopefully).


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    I'm also really, really looking forward to this project. Hopefuly they will manage to keep up with their plans.

    Hope I will be able to do beta test in December (if they go out with beta then).


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