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Thread: P-1 repository idea?

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    P-1 repository idea?

    Been thinking about this one for a while as I've noticed the only coordination is for large n (>9M) where we are P-1 testing just before PRP gets there.

    How about a repository of k,n pairs with known tested B1/B2 bounds and maybe even the save file from Prime95/sbfactor/etc.

    I've been playing around with this, seeing how much storage would be required to store save files for each outstanding k,n pair. It's feasible, although I'll have to jump through a few hoops to provide simple access for other people.

    This would save much duplicated effort.

    Just thinking about this at the moment, comments welcome.

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    I'm not sure if people will agree with this...

    First the only portion which is or requires saving is stage1, and the bounds.

    Example if people know is was tested to B1=40K B2=600k if they download the stage1 portion they just have to run.

    b2=1200k-600k (<---something like this)

    Second do we really need to save these residues, especially once they pass prp. (I don't think so...)

    It would be more benifical to run ecm curves on these numbers as opposed to re-p-1-ing. (Not sure about this)

    Also I believe my save files are >1M each... it doesn't take much of a range to make a G of data archieve.

    Its also important to note that doubling the bounds takes twice as long per test but you don't find twice as many factors.


    If we get to this point (running out of P-1) it's probably benifital to force (stongly suggest) that people run larger bounds. WE are not even close to this point, also if we are too far ahead with P-1 we should just start doublechecking. All we need is two matching residues not nessarily a factor correct.

    IMHO, it's a good idea to save the residues but probably not worth it.

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